The Secret Party Club


The Secret Party Club is your go-to agency for fine event planning and luxury recreational solutions. The company was founded as an answer to the growing problem of scarcity in the field of technical consulting for the social market. The Secret Party Club easily and expeditiously provides superior service and is set to become one of Britain’s leading event development organizations.


As the founder and owner, Jack Purdie brings over ten years of real-world experience to The Secret Party Club. His knowledge gathered from both corporate and freelance work in a variety of areas is diverse and thorough. He is a veritable Renaissance man of technology, having been trained in web and graphic design, digital marketing, and online advertising. He implements this expertise on all levels, giving The Secret Party Club an impressive foundation.


Jack’s mastery of both technical and hands-on work allows him to provide everything for his clients. His skills in everything from lighting operation to client liaison make him the ideal cornerstone of his company. He understands the value of service and sets up customers with lavish, contemporary products and services from suppliers that he has personally selected.


The Secret Party Club caters to your needs on an intimate level and presents the elite professionalism you deserve. Contact The Secret Party Club today to make your ideas come to life.

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