Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an event planner such as yourselves?

Sourcing your technical requirements for an event can be a daunting process. With so many add-on items required, regulations and standard practices that must be adhered to, not to mention the myriad of suppliers. Before you know it, you’re spiralling into a pit of stress and despair.

That’s where having a quality, reliable event planning firm really comes into it’s own. Taking care of the finer details that all to often get overlooked, it takes the stress off your shoulders, leaving you to worry about the more important aspects – like the seating plan!

Will you be there on the day?

Of course! Your personal event manager will be in attendance at your event from start to finish. We do not charge for this service, as we are completely confident that your event will run flawlessly from start to finish. Your event planner is merely there for your piece of mind, and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Does the same person work with me throughout my event?

You bet! One of the qualities that we pride ourselves on with our services is the added personal touch. You can be sure that once you have met with your Event Manager, that they will be on call 24/7 prior to your event to answer any questions, and settle any uncertainties that you may have regarding your event.

How do your fees work out?

Our fees are incredibly easy to understand, and we operate with 100% transparency. If you see an item on your itemised invoice or quote that you are unsure of, then we will be more than happy to explain each item and it’s relative price.

Obviously no two events are alike, and the approach to our service reflects this mentality, however our fees can be generalised for the sake of illustrating how it works:

  • Preliminary Site visit to yourself to discuss initial ideas and view the space: FREE
  • Subsequent Site visits (If required): FREE
  • TSPC Management Fees: 20% of overall event cost.
  • Your Event Manager on site for the duration of your event: FREE

I have some ideas of my own, can you accommodate these?

Of course! One of the real strengths of our service is the flexibility within which we can accommodate your own ideas and visions.

Please mention any preliminary ideas, goals or visions you may have early on in the planning phase, so that we may incorporate these into the overall plan as seamlessly as possible.

Where do the suppliers for my event come from?

The suppliers for your event are all part of a network of approved TSPC suppliers. Prior to allocating sub-contractors to your event, we personally work with each and every one of them to ensure that we mutually have the same standards of quality and workmanship, and that the value that they bring to your event is second to none.


You can be sure that every last person working on your event is as passionate, motivated and driven for your event to succeed as you are. This can easily be seen in the quality of work produced.