Stretch Fabric Shapes

The Unsung Hero of Event Design


Stretch fabric sails are an incredibly underestimated tool in the event designers arsenal. By using the finest lycra materials, with strategically placed anchor points, we are able to produce abstract and completely unique fabric shapes.

Stretch fabric sails are perfect for breaking up large expanses of space, and completely transforming the look and feel of your venue or space, in the most time and cost efficient manner possible.

Suited to a multitude of applications, our stretch fabric sails are not only completely ultra-violet reactive, but can also be projected onto using LCD projectors, or gobo projectors. This provides a completely unique look to your event that you can be sure is completely one of a kind, and bespoke to you.

As well as having a stock of standard shapes and sizes at our disposal, we can also produce custom shapes and sizes to completely match your venue.

Stretch Lycra Spandex Shape hire Southampton
Stretch Lycra Spandex Shape hire Bournemouth
Stretch Lycra Spandex Shape hire Bristol
Stretch Lycra Spandex Shape hire Winchester

We can provide a unique, and completely custom stretch fabric set-up to any venue across the south coast and beyond, including Southampton, Bournemouth Romsey, Brighton and many more.

Get in touch today to see how we can bring this unique service to your next event.

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